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 The Massacre of Nanking  is a lie!

Can you still assert positievely that the massacre of Nanking took place with all the data staring you in the face?


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What is the Massacre of Nanking(the Rape of Nanking)?
Iris Chang"THE PAPE OF NANKING" 90 Errors in Iris Chang's “THE RAPE OF NANKING”
The situation of Nanking in 1937.
15 reasons why the massacre should be denied.
Asahi News Paper 5 times photographs Special Number
A Feature photograph Nanking where peace was restored.
General Iwane Matsui and Kannon for Asia.
Propaganda photos and testimonies regarding the massacre of Nanking.
 The GOOD MAN of NANKIG published by Koudansha doesn't tell the truth.
Some Comments on Iris Chang's The Rape of Nanking
Iris Chang obstructs the Japanese publication of her own book, The Rape of Nanking
The International Military Tribunal for the Far East.(Tokyo Trial)
The Greater East Asia War was fought in Self-defence.
Iris Chang ! Would you please study history more thoroughly !
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